ApisCP Celebrates 18 Years Powering Web Hosting

ApisCP celebrates 18 years as a webhosting platform.

Today ApisCP celebrates its 18th birthday as the hosting platform for many popular websites on the web. For a limited time, lifetime licenses are being heavily discounted as a thank you.

The Internet (December 26th, 2020) /PressRelease.news/ApisCP, an open source web hosting platform, turns 18 today. To commemorate this milestone and help everyone move past 2020, ApisCP is offering lifetime licenses at 50% off with (coupon code: ANNIVERSARY) via my.apiscp.com. This discount is valid until January 1 or reseller support officially launches, whichever happens later. Pro licenses (no domain limit) are $249, Startup (30 domain limit) is $79, and Mini (10 domain limit) is $49. These are all one-time costs after discount.

Updates to CentOS Support

CentOS is flipping upstream to RHEL instead of downstream. We’ve shared our thoughts on this and logged a few days of build hours on E2E testsApisCP will continue to focus on the Red Hat/CentOS ecosystem to produce maximum integration afforded by this distro. Having faster release cycles for crucial software like systemd allows me to build more cohesive platforms with less overhead. Moreover Red Hat will have a peer OS for those on slower adoption curves in the form of Rocky Linux by the original CentOS team or Project Lenix from CloudLinux.

Upcoming Reseller Support

We are putting the finishing touches on ApisCP’s reseller system. This is a result of our panel proxy (see later on). Resellers can allocate beyond their package allowances to sites, but the sum of all resources consumed can never exceed the total on the reseller; unlike prevailing reseller systems, this is enforced real-time by the OS. Given the ambitious approach to reseller support, ApisCP will only support resellers on CentOS 8 or Stream with xfs filesystems. ext4 supports project quotas on 4.x kernels; however, this feature is new in Red Hat 8 and not tested to the same extent as xfs project/group/user quotas.

Panel Proxy Released

Lastly, Panel Proxy allows one to run multiple ApisCP nodes from a single login portal. It’s been part of the technology driving Hostineer for the last 5 years and now ready for a wider audience. Community input from the ApisCP Discord have helped refine this feature and we’re thankful for the contributors. Launching Panel Proxy is as simple as a couple configuration settings on each node. Panel proxy is broken down into 3 separate components for enhanced security. Each component can be run off a free DNS-only license issued via my.apiscp.com. After reseller is implemented, we’ll expand upon this to allow admin to jump locations from a single login.

Development and features are driven by the heartbeat of ApisCP’s community – real users advocating for useful features. Developers and new users are encouraged to join us using our ApisCP’s Discord.

About ApisCP

ApisCP is an open-source hosting platform for your PHP, Ruby, Node, Python, and Go projects. Set-it-and-forget-it SSL with 1-click, automatically update web apps, securely isolate and clone WordPress sites, block threats real-time, fix OS configuration drifts, resolve service defects, and keep your site operating at peak performance.

Media Contact

Matt Saladna – matt@apisnetworks.com