Dream Hustle Code Hosts Teen Tech Live 2.0

Seventeen-year-old tech entrepreneur and Gen Z activist Ian Brock leads his lively 2021 signature event, fittingly celebrating Global Computer Science Education Week

Chicago, IL (December 17, 2021) /PressRelease.news/ – At least by Chicago’s standards, it’s unseasonably warm in the city of Chicago this week as 17-year-old, Black Gen-Z influencer Ian Michael Brock has returned from Dallas, fresh from the successful production of his 2021 “Teen Tech Live 2.0” event.

Hosted from the Lone Star State last week during Computer Science Education Week, the Proudly presented by Dream Hustle Code, New Nerd’s “Teen Tech Live 2.0” this year was streamed via Microsoft Teams Live Events. 

The December 2021 edition of “TEEN TECH LIVE 2.0” featured a 2-hour opening session with a high energy, youth-focused tech, gaming and music-centered education experience, punctuated by interviews, surprise special guest appearances, celebrity cameos and real-time virtual contests. A highly anticipated evening gaming tournament for the participating schools was held as well, and the lucky winners were 1st Place: Scott H. of Johnstown, Pennsylvania; 2nd Place: Kendrick W. of Saint Louis, Missouri and 3rd Place: Andrew R. of West Palm Beach, Florida.

“’Teen Tech LIVE 2.0 was absolutely our best show ever, and my sincere hope is that it truly makes teens from underrepresented and underestimated communities in technology more aware of, and open to the many career opportunities that are available to them in computer science, coding, gaming and tech,’” says the young Brock.

“As we get set for our lineup of 2022 events and programs, Dream Hustle Code and New Nerd will be intently focused upon continuing our mission of changing lives, seeding ideas about career options and writing a new narrative,” he added. “The sky’s the limit when it comes to effectively growing our brand and doing so with events that genuinely touch people in unique and profound ways.”

Among the many newcomers powerfully impacted by the event were Dana Carmouche of the Houston Independent School District, senior manager of CTE Special Projects. “Teen Tech LIVE 2.0 was an amazing event and a great value-add for K-12 districts. As we continue to seek innovative ways to increase BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) or marginalized participation in STEM fields, Teen Tech LIVE 2.0 must be part of the conversation,” she states emphatically. “I look forward to future collaboration to ensure that BIPOC students can identify with students in STEM that look like them!”

“Teen Tech Live 2.0 was awesome. I was so inspired watching the students in my room discuss the topics you presented during the event,” said Shawn Waring, an Applied Engineering & Robotics Technical Education Teacher at South Dade Senior High School in Homestead Florida. “It really sparked some good conversations about their plans and possible career paths in Computer Science. They were surprised to know that companies like McDonald’s used computer science to promote their brand. Thank you so much, my students were definitely inspired.”

Ian Michael Brock has addressed captive audiences at Google’s headquarters, and was the youngest Black male to speak on the main stage at Startup Grind Global Conference in Silicon Valley. He additionally has spoken before and influenced teens from Nigeria and many major cities across the U.S., delivering the simple message that the singular talents of Black and Brown youth are needed in the tech space, and that they themselves must believe that there’s a place for them because they have something unique and valuable to contribute. This message coming from an adult is one thing, but when spoken by another teen it becomes even more relatable and credible.

Brock’s ability to communicate with groups of his peers is what renders him so fascinating, and a fast-rising personality with a platform and following worth paying attention to. Eight plus years has led Brock and his team on a journey to develop a series of virtual and in-person CS Ed & personal development focused events for teens, with “Teen Tech LIVE” standing alone as the premier annual event during Global CS Ed Week.

This year’s “Teen Tech LIVE 2.0” virtual experience earned attention and support from some of the largest a-list corporations, including Microsoft, McDonald’s USA and Amazon, and its lineup of guest speakers included Jeff Hoffman (founder of Priceline, and creator of the ticketing kiosks located at airports internationally), Matt “BK” Augustin of the FaZe Clan group currently dominating the eSports and entertainment space, LaDoris Banks of McDonald’s, Angelina Howard and Makho Ngazimbi from Amazon, Christopher Douglas of Xbox Game Studios Game Camp and even NBA Champ and future Hall of Famer Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets, who made his appearance a part of his own yearly “11 Days of Giving.” 

About Ian Brock and Dream Hustle Code

Ian Brock is the 17-year-old co-founder of Dream Hustle Code and New Nerd. He is also a computer science activist, speaker, self-taught coder, and soon-to-be published author. His mission is to inspire confidence in youth, while empowering them to be on the forefront of creating the new technologies of the future—and not just consuming it. For more information, please visit his website at ianmichaelbrock.com.

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