The glo910+ Debuts in the US; Helping Fight Cellulite at Home

The only domestic patented, innovative anti-cellulite beauty device for at-home use launches to U.S. consumers

New York, NY (December 3, 2020) / – glo, purveyor of the only domestic patented, innovative anti-cellulite beauty device glo910+, just launched in the United States at retailers including Olivella’s, Macy’s, and Verishop. A best-seller in Europe with proven clinical studies, glo started with the motivation to solve some of the biggest health and cosmetic problems affecting women such as cellulite or swollen legs. Spain based female co-founders, Ixone Elosegui and Miren Garcia-Chazarra along with a team of experts have created glo to help thousands of women fight off cellulite and weight loss. 

Co-founders, Ixone Elosegui and Garcia-Chazarra utilized a clinical study to evaluate efficacy, adequacy for home use and the slimming potential of the glo910+. A total of sixteen women of various age and skin types enrolled using the glo910+ five times weekly for a one-month duration. 100% of patients showed an overall average in thigh circumference reduction and 81.25% of patients observed weight loss proving the anti-cellulite device as a non-invasive and effective alternative treatment for slimming and body contouring. 

The glo910+ efficiently fights cellulite and localized fat and other associated health issues such as swelling, heavy legs, pain, poor circulation and more. This anti-cellulite massage device retails for $299 and includes four different treatment heads that cater to different types of skin and body issues. The Cellu-Detox head actively stimulates drainage and smooths watery cellulite which enhances the effect of creams being applied. The Body Brush head stimulates circulation, tones, exfoliates, smooths and revitalizes the skin. Using the Cellu-Active head reduces localized fat and stimulates blood circulation and muscle relaxation while the Soft-Massage head is ideal to treat the softest and most delicate parts of the body and is suitable for lymphatic drainage, leg discomfort, and foot reflexology. Each head is non-invasive, easy to use, and can be adjusted in intensity to the consumer’s liking. To enhance results this device can be used with the Oil910 Body Sculptor, the exclusive formula with a powerful natural essential oils and fat-burning biotechnological ingredients to smooth the skin and sculpt the body will enhance results. 

The glo910+ which has launched in the US to reduce cellulite and swelling. Courtesy of glo.

The glo910+ is available direct to consumer at and at retailers including Olivella’s, Macy’s and Verishop. glo also offers additional products such as the glo Cool Legs dedicated to contouring and enhancing skin tone while dissolving aches, pains and fatigue. glo prices range from $24 – $299. Additional launches for 2021 include wellness teas, supplements, and more.

About Glo

Ixone Elosegui and Garcia-Chazarra the cofounders of glo.

GLO’s motivation is to solve some of the biggest health and cosmetic problems affecting women, such as cellulite or swollen legs. Passionate about feminine beauty, we innovate by developing truly effective solutions to use in the comfort of your home. GLO, is proud to offer all women the luxury of taking care of their bodies in a natural and healthy way, and to eliminate some of these aesthetic concerns that can even affect their self-esteem.

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