Fouta Harissa Releases Its Portal to Paradise Collection

New York, NY (June 21, 2021) / – Introducing Fouta Harrissa’s new Portable to Paradise collection. Step out of time, and into a hazy analog summertime fantasy. Here, waves crash, the disco ball glimmers and time fades into a filmstrip of sun soaked daydreams.

Fouta Harrissa Wipeout, part of the Portal to Paradise Collection. Courtesy Fouta Harrissa

Portal to Paradise is an expanded collection, available for the first time, featuring our Signature Fouta ($82 – $85), Mini Fouta ($82 – $85) and Big Fouta ($82) in select styles. Three sizes to ensure each fouta is the perfect fit. These 100% cotton foutas are handwoven by master artisans on a centenarian manual wooden loom outside the coastal city of Mahdia in Tunisia. The weave styles in this collection include plain, zigzag and the debut of our terry weave fouta, a densely textured looped cotton. Each of these versatile foutas is made for a one-and-done, carefree and always-on lifestyle. 

Fouta Harrissa Lawn Chair – unique terry fouta weave, touchable and densely woven. Courtesy Fouta Harrissa.

About Fouta Harissa

At Fouta Harissa, we carefully design limited collections of high-quality, hand-loomed textiles that preserve artisanal weaving in Tunisia and celebrate the soul of Brazilian beach culture. Here is where you’ll find beautiful and functional pieces for the beach, travel, and home. 

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