Art Report Today Celebrates 150th Issue!

Art Report Today is “The Drudge Report for Our Arts and Culture”

Los Angeles, CA (November 9th, 2021) / – The blazing subtitle just below the banner reads, “A Beautiful Deep Dive into Our Arts and Culture.” is a comprehensive news platform, providing the latest in daily art world happenings, people, inspiration and movements, all on one easy-to-read page. The all-inclusive site appeals to experts and novices, newcomers and veterans, collectors and critics.

“The world doesn’t need another glossy art magazine,” says editor-in-chief Gordy Grundy, “Art Report Today is designed to welcome a new arts audience. Over the last 30 years, the arts have been taught at every school level and museum attendance has reached record levels. We speak to the people. Art Report Today is fascinating and fun!”

Celebrating their 150th issue, Art Report Today has been publishing since April 1, 2019. The single page offers an average of 200 news articles and videos. With over 20 sections, the cultural landscape is well-covered with Architecture, NFTs, Cinema, Photography, Words, Stage, Street Art and so much more. Their newsletter ‘Sunday Lounge’ presents the best of the week.

All arts are the primary focus. “Formerly Known As Cinema” covers the many technological, exhibition and streaming changes of America’s favorite art form. “Art Noir” gleefully details the latest in art world fraud, theft, murder and money laundering. “Good Gigs” celebrates artist’s projects, licensing deals and collaborations.

Proudly Curated and Aggregated

“Most importantly, we support the arts media,” says editor-in-chief Gordy Grundy, “We want to drive traffic to small, earnest, hard-working arts sites.” Their resources include the media establishment, such as Artnet News, the New York Post, Artforum, Vanity Fair and The Wall Street Journal, as well as, small regional publications like Artillery Magazine in Los Angeles, Glasstire in Texas, The Brooklyn Rail, Instagram’s satirical sensation Jerry Gogosian, The New Criterion, or critic Doug Harvey’s blog Less Art. Lawrence Weschler, former New Yorker columnist and arts writer, says, “If the best writers have a great voice, what Gordy has is a great ear.” It is no wonder that Art Report Today has been nicknamed “the Drudge Report for the arts and culture” (without the politics).

“Folks in the arts tend to be seekers, well-read and curious,” says Grundy, “Art Report Today is a one-stop resource.” Beyond informational news, Art Report Today aims to inspire artists and creatives. The section “Amazing Mother Nature” shares the joy and beauties of the greatest artist of all time. “Discovery” presents the latest in history, archeology and science. “Manufacturing Art” offers innovative techniques and new materials.

“We need the arts more than ever!” says Grundy, “The pandemic, an economic crisis and our societal tomfoolery presents a world in chaos. Let’s look to the arts. Think of the art world as a vibrant distant planet, with a fresh set of heroes, villains and fascinating personalities. The creative culture offers perspective, true human value and clean, clear lines.”

During the Covid pandemic, the art world went online and Art Report Today led the charge, creating five virtual art galleries, each with a distinct aesthetic and a full exhibition schedule. Here is a list of the current shows.

Naturally, Art Report Today is busy on social media. The platform features distinctive daily news tips on Instagram. Their YouTube channel presents a series of podcasts and interviews featuring esteemed art world leaders.

Like its model the Top 10 internet news site Drudge Report, the Art Report Today site is not designed for beauty, but for download speed and a pleasant, no pop-up, audience experience. “There is nothing like Art Report Today on the internet,” claims Grundy, “And, yes, Art will change the world!”

About the Publisher

Gordy Grundy is a busy American artist and arts writer, having scribed for the Los Angeles Times, the LA Weekly, the Huffington Post, Artillery magazine, ArtNews and many others. He is author of the books Artist’s Pants, Blood and Paint: Essays on Art in Los Angeles and BURN: A Life in the Arts. A native of Newport Beach, CA, he has been influenced by sunny flights of SoCal fancy, the bold stroke and the grand gesture.

With a background in entertainment marketing and promotion for the studios, most proudly alongside the Walt Disney Studios, Grundy brings an informed experience to the development of Art Report Today. With a history of volunteerism, he has served in executive leadership positions with the Barnsdall Art Center, the Jonathan Art Foundation and is a founding board member of the Downtown LA Neighborhood Arts Council and the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation.

Raised beside the Pacific Ocean, Grundy loves to be in, or on top of, the water. Making art, building objects and producing shows are the greatest thrill of his life.

Media Contact

Gordy Grundy –
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief