From Contractor to CEO, BrikPay’s Founder Modernizing Construction Industry

Pasquale Scaife
Pasquale Scaife of BrikPay. Courtesy Shot.

BrikPay’s Premiere App Modernizes the Construction Industry for Contractors

San Francisco, California (October 20, 2020) – Home improvement projects often waste a huge amount of money and time for homeowners. But here comes good news; a San Francisco-based tech founder, Pasquale Scaife, is redefining how you upgrade your home. The dynamic man has recently launched a cutting-edge AI-based app, BrikPay, which is designed to protect home improvement projects and prevent unwanted loss of money and time. BrikPay also aims to protect contracts through the assurance of flexible and insured payments.

The app is now available in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Per the statements of Scaife, homeowners might risk around a whopping $34,000 by not protecting their home improvement project. This huge monetary and time loss is often the result of poor project management and payment issues. BrikPay is a contractor management app which is designed to solve these woes through smooth project management and easy payment processes.

“I started my first landscaping business at 12, and by the end of high school I had a contracting company with over 150 accounts. We would constantly run into issues with the homeowners due to a lack of an integrated platform to manage the project and payments. We’ve seen a lot of homeowners lose out on tons of money, leading to a waste of tens of thousands and time as well. Such a crisis inspired me to design an integrated platform that would eliminate risks of poor project management and payment problems that otherwise cause unnecessary delays and waste of money. And thus, BrikPay was born”, stated Pasquale Scaife while speaking about the inspiration behind BrikPay.

“BrikPay is a contractor management app designed to connect homeowners with qualified contractors for a successful as well as time and cost-effective renovation project. We have combined powerful technology with world-class service here to ensure your home renovation projects are done right.”

BrikPay allows both homeowners and contractors to create accounts on the app. Homeowners can post jobs and invite contractors to apply. All contractor profiles come with details on the contractor like qualification, reviews etc. to help homeowners to choose the most suitable professional for their particular project. The entire project planning can be done over the app only which will help to keep the whole project organized over one single platform. BrikPay allows users to share documents, messages or images for easy project discussion, planning and management. Homeowners can pay by milestone, or by the hour.

Speaking further, the young visionary techie stressed on their eco-friendly service approach. BrikPay is a registered public benefit corporation that uses big-data to optimize waste management to prevent pollution.

“BrikPay is streamlining and organizing the entire process of project management to prevent typical project management problems that end up with costly mistakes. Once the project reaches completion, contractors can send invoices and homeowners can send payments over the app in just a click. The app also allows both parties to share disputes so that correctional action could be taken before it’s too late.”

About BrikPay

BrikPay is backed by advanced AI technology that works with the human team of the app to verify job completion when a contractor sends an invoice. This way, the app works to make sure a homeowner only has to pay when the work has actually been completed. The app also works to ensure contractors too receive their deserved payments when they have actually completed the project.

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