Experts join CargoAi’s new Board of Advisors

From left to right: Markus Flacke, Liana Coyne, Cyril Dumon and Ricardo Pilon. Courtesy CargoAi

Singapore (March 9 2021) / – CargoAi is launching a Board of Advisors formed of talented experts who represent the diverse views and perspectives of the airfreight industry. This advisory body is tasked with reflecting on the industry’s digital transformation and actively steering CargoAi in developing value-added solutions for the cargo community. The Board will meet quarterly, with the first remote meeting taking place in April.

The Board of Advisors is currently formed of four members, who will soon be joined by other experts. The current members are:

  • Markus Flacke – Reknown industry expert, former Managing Director of CHAMP Cargosystems 
  • Liana Coyne – Director at Coyne Airways
  • Cyril Dumon – CEO Asia-Pacific at Bollore Logistics
  • Ricardo Pilon – Chief Cargo Transformation Officer at Millennium Aviation & Vice-President, Consulting Solutions at Aviation Strategies International

CargoAi is one of the most visionary and innovative companies in the market. The team has a clear understanding of cargo, and ambitions to connect a variety of actors to more than just an ebooking platform, but one that provides actionable information and intelligence,” explained Liana Coyne.

Ricardo Pilon said: “With a diverse and dynamic team, I am excited to see how inclusive the CargoAi team is and how this focus on people and relationships will help further cement sustainable growth in cargo transportation and logistics, underpinned by planned offerings, future-wise services and incremental propositions around market access and commercial optimization.”

Helping to reflect on and model the future of air cargo through digital is a really exciting project, and that’s why I agreed to join the CargoAi Board of Advisors. We’re at a crossroads – at the beginning of an unprecedented transformation in air cargo’s processes,” explained Cyril Dumon. 

The team is incredible – every member brings unique experience and expertise. What won me over was the humbleness of CargoAi’s approach and the desire to take part in a major project – digitalizing air cargo through the human touch,” added Markus Flacke. 

Our goal is to advocate for and positively disrupt our beloved airfreight industry with a very pragmatic and humble approach. It’s a real honour for us to welcome airfreight veterans and aviation enthusiasts to the Board and we’re looking forward to a very close cooperation as we continue to develop our product offering and look to generate value for the industry,” said Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi.

Expertise, excellence and a pioneering spirit were the key skills CargoAi looked for when putting together its Board of Advisors – a simple approach designed to obtain opinions and advice from outside figures who represent the air cargo sector and its needs.

About CargoAi

Launched in 2019 by its founder and CEO, Matthieu Petot, CargoAi is a SaaS application offering air cargo digital solutions to freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs.

CargoAi allows users to manage the entire air cargo booking process via a single tool. The online platform brings together freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs, and offers shipment quote issuing, booking and tracking.

All airlines’ schedules including cargo capacity are displayed in the application. Freight forwarders can check the flight schedules at a glance and compare rates thanks to this unique solution. CargoAi offers a range of levels of integration for airlines, from APIs to emails.

Forwarders can request quotes and make bookings via the platform. The application allows airlines and GSAs to manage all quote and booking requests in one place. The tool also provides customers with data and analytics including 3D viewing of the shipment and capacity forecasts.

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