NUAH Mining Cards Are Revolutionizing Crypto with a Mining-Made-Easy Solution

Geneva, Switzerland (December 17th, 2021) / – Today’s introduction of NUAH Mining Cards makes mining crypto easier than ever before. These unique NFTs allow users to mine NUAH Coins without requiring any hardware or technical knowledge. To date mining crypto has been a cumbersome process only accessible to tech-oriented people, requiring costly hardware, and consuming large amounts of electricity.

NUAH Mining Cards hold “mining power”. Mining power determines how many coins the card owner mines daily. NUAH Coins will be distributed to all Mining Card owners based on the percentage of mining power they hold in relation to the total amount of mining power held by the other mining card owners.

There are 2 ways to obtain NUAH Mining Cards and NUAH Coins: By volunteering time towards the realization of the NUAH world (; and, by financially supporting

A total maximum supply of 108 billion NUAH Coins will be mined. 3 Billion NUAH Coins are reserved to reward contributors who help build the NUAH world and 105 Billion coins will be spread among NUAH Card and Coin owners. Starting on January 1st, 2022, NUAH Mining Card owners will mine 9 Billion NUAH Coins in the first 2 years. By joining early, users will mine substantial rewards, similar to the early bitcoin miners. 96 Billion coins will be mined during the following 106 years on the NUAH Blockchain platform. Each NUAH Coin has a 10 USD initial value. NUAH Coins will become tradable on market exchanges starting on Jan 1st, 2024.

There are 30,300,000 mining cards available in 309 different cards that feature unique artwork and mining power (access the detailed information here: Card owners will be able to buy, sell, and trade among each other to complete card collections that will allow them to multiply their cards’ mining power. NUAH will keep 36.9% of the card supply to boost stability, an additional 10.8% will be allocated to humanitarian projects that aim to lower human suffering.

NUAH mining cards are based on a revolutionary system consisting of a chest, where all card owners’ rewards are deposited. The chest will release 0,369% and “burn” 0,963% of the rewards at a monthly rate. To avoid the burning mechanism, chest owners can simply use their rewards in the NUAH Cards’ marketplace to buy, sell, and trade Mining Cards with other users. This platform-wide burning mechanism incentivizes the demand for mining cards and creates scarcity of the NUAH Coin, boosting the coin and card value. The economical entanglement of both NUAH Cards and NUAH Coins results in a continual value increase, because the more valuable the coin is, the more rewarding it is to mine via Mining Cards.

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About NUAH

NUAH Community is a Swiss Non-Profit Association dedicated to bringing the power of the blockchain to everyone’s fingertips regardless of their technical background through an easy-to-use interface, dedicated smartphones, and laptops. 

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